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Apps that make money just by watching videos

Apps that make money just by watching videos


Today, there are a lot of options to earn money online with little effort. One of them is the applications to earn money by watching videos, with which you can earn extra money from your mobile, just by spending a few minutes of your time.







Yes, believe it or not, it is possible to get 'extra' money by viewing videos thanks to various applications. And we say 'extras' in quotes since you are not going to generate thousands, but a few euros per month, dedicating a few minutes of your time.




When you go to work half asleep, while watching TV let's be honest, you just have to press play and start doing something else (like in the typical mobile games that if you see ads they give you gold, but you really don't even look at them.





Watching videos is just one of the many options that this application offers to earn money. Cash App also pays for filling out surveys, downloading apps, registering on websites, etc. However, watching advertising videos is the simplest and most interesting. Some of them are just a few seconds long, although they usually last around half a minute.




This is how it works: For each video viewed we receive about 2 credits. These can be exchanged for money in PayPal, although you have to accumulate at least 5,000 credits (which is about 4 euros) to request payment.




The amount of money that can be earned with this application can easily be 7-8 euros per month. That yes, not only watching videos, but taking advantage of the other options that the application offers us and dedicating a lot of time to it.









This is another app to earn money by completing mini-games, getting ads and of course also watching videos. The great peculiarity of this application is that the money we get is paid in Bitcoins, or to be more exact, in satoshis.




Does Cointiply pay? According to user reviews on Trustpilot, it is a totally reliable app. Payments are fast and commission-free. The main drawback is that a fairly high minimum is required to request payment: 35,000 coins, which translates into 52,000 satoshis (sounds like a lot, but it's actually 16 euro cents at the moment). Obviously the payment must be processed through a wallet. Registration at Cointiply is free, open to everyone and generates profit from the first moment. Surely fans of cryptocurrencies will get their attention.











Apps that make money just by watching videos



 Aplicaciones que Generan Dinero tan  solo viendo Videos




Another ideal application for those who spend several hours every day watching videos on YouTube. This application will pay us simply for watching videos from our favorite YouTube channels and other videos recommended by the same application. In the style of Cointiply, this application is also closely linked to the world of cryptocurrencies.




The points we receive for each view depend on the length and type of video. Later, these coins can be exchanged for a specific type of cryptocurrency called TTV tokens, which in turn can be converted into euros through an exchange. Every 1,000 coins in the app equals exactly 1 TTV. The minimum payout is 50,000 coins. The app is available for both Android and iOS.










The Swagbucks website and application is another one that we can trust without problems. They don't get huge amounts of money, but they do pay. Its activity is mainly based on filling out surveys, although it also offers the option of charging for watching videos.




The average payout for each video playlist viewed is 3 SB points per playlist (roughly, 15-30 minute length), capped at 150 SB per day.




The minimum amount to exchange for money is 500 SB points (Swagbucks points), which is approximately equivalent to 5 euros. The transfer is made via PayPal, although points can also be exchanged for gift cards from Amazon, Zalando, Steam, iTunes, Mango and many more. Payments are made approximately two weeks after request.





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