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How to start investing and earning money with FOREX

Trading in the foreign exchange market or Forex is one of the most popular forms of investment.  They are markets that react to geopolitical and economic stimuli every day.

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How to start investing and earning money with FOREX

Investors tend to buy currencies from strong economies and therefore the exchange rate against the matched currency will depend on the relative strength of the first currency over the second. To trade Forex, therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the fundamentals of the country to which the currency belongs (growth, inflation, employment rate) and the relevant monetary policy of the Central Bank of your home country.


A tightening of interest rates tends to strengthen the currency, so in the immediate vicinity of a decision in this sense it is legitimate to anticipate a large purchase movement of the currency in question. However, you must always be very careful, as well as passionate and serious: learn the rules well and understand how and when to do the operations, counting only with professionals in the sector.


To trade Forex you need to use a platform made available by one of the many online trading services (one of the brokers specialized in the foreign exchange market), open a trading account and make a first deposit with which to start trading.


Los corredores de divisas ofrecen la posibilidad de comprar pares de divisas. El instrumento sobre el que se opera, es decir, no es la moneda única, el dólar australiano, el yen o la libra, sino la relación de cambio entre dos monedas, por ejemplo, entre el euro y el dólar.

How to start investing and earning money with FOREX

Por lo tanto, operar con divisas significa apostar por el aumento o la caída de esta unidad de medida utilizando el efecto de apalancamiento del corredor con el que opera. Como en todos los mercados, el tipo de cambio depende de la proporción entre oferta y demanda, entre, por ejemplo, quienes compran euros y venden dólares y quienes venden los primeros y compran los segundos.


Al igual que ocurre con las acciones, puedes negociar divisas con base en tus opiniones sobre los valores de las mismas (o los precios que creas que tendrán las monedas en el futuro). Sin embargo, lo que distingue a Forex es que puedes negociar tanto en tendencias alcistas como bajistas. Si crees que una divisa subirá de precio, puedes comprarla. Si crees que su precio caerá, puedes venderla.


Many believe that currency trading is a simple activity that anyone can do. However, the reality is that close to 96% of new traders end up losing their initial capital. Many enter the market with a haughty attitude, saying things like "They lost, but it won't happen to me." In the end, they lose all their capital and can't figure out how it happened, or they think they were the victims of a scam.


The truth is that forex trading is not a scam, but an industry where those with a good knowledge of the sector succeed . Therefore, the goal of new traders should not be to make money, but to study and understand the market correctly.


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